Let's fire it up!

After Amsterdam (2016) and Lisbon (2017), this year's SteemFest will take over Kraków.

Enjoy, meet and learn from fellow Steemians through the conference and social events scattered across several locations in the city home to the Wawel Dragon, a beautiful preserved old-town surrounded by the Wisła river and great hangouts serving the best pierogi.

The full program consists of two conference days, multiple social events, tourist explorations and to top it of a closing dinner on Sunday 11 November.

We've partnered up with two hotels, see below!

Keep in mind that the closing dinner is on the evening of Sunday 11 November, so recommended checkout is on Monday 12 November!

Exchange your SteemFest ticket for your wristband and badge, Kraków map and get all infos from the Firepower crew in the lobby section of the Qubus hotel.

Wander around or take a little boattrip, the city is literally a footstep away and see you at 20:00 / 8PM for opening drinks!

Festival Wristband check-in closes at 22:00 and continues on Thursday 8/11 at the Conference's reception desk.

Tired after your trip? Meeting fellow Steemians will energise you back up!

You can continue to pick up your badge in the lobby until 22:00.

Full day of conference followed by a social event at night.


Another day, another venue! Soon more!
Start the weekend with blast! Tonight is party time!

Explore the diversity of Kraków. Old-town is definitely worth paying a visit but also Schindlers Factory which also hosts the Museum of Contemporary Art (Mocak). The nearby saltmines are beautiful. A hike in a park, or a bikeride along the Wisła river can be on your program. Or decend into the cave, said to host the Wawel Dragon under the Wawel castle! Not for the faint of heart, but definitely demanding your attention is to visit concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and confront yourself with the dark chapter of modern times' history.

Explore Kraków some more! And.... we might have some pancakes somewhere!

Closing Dinner followed by closing drinks.

First Speakers Announced Soon!

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Stay tuned for the SteemFest Ticket Shop
working out final budgets, opens latest mid august


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