Let's get Steemin'

Meet fellow steemians, learn what drives them, explore Amsterdam together and set the next step in Steemworld.

Are you up for a diverse program consisting of boating, a great conference venue, fantastic food and a diverse line up of speakers workshops, panels and night time events?

How about the unconference day in the oldest part of time with intimate sessions in smaller venues, combined with exploring several 'touristy' activities? Sounds fun? Block your schedule for SteemFest and get your ticket!

Every SteemFest attendee gets 1000 SP on her/his account when showing up in Amsterdam. A present from Steemit.com!

Fly in, drive in, check in at SteemFest's Volkshotel (from 16:00).
Get settled, get your wristband, get some drinks. Be sure to bring your ticket, on your phone or printed.
Take the (steem)boat at 500 meters from the Volkshotel to the conference venue Tobacco Theatre. The boat leaves on the dock before 'Cafe Hesp'. Don't be late and be sure that you have had some breakfast.
Bring your ticket if you didn't checkin on friday, get your wristband, grab a coffee or tea and get acquainted with the venue.

A full day of presentations, workshops and panels. Many coffee breaks enable you two chat with steemians.

The Tobacco Theatre boasts about 9 rooms, the others will be available for catering, chats and some installations and works by fellow steemians.

Lunch is served by Marc Rewinkel (48) and his team, renowned Chef of Tobacco Theatre with experience in multiple Michelin Star restaurants.

Presentations, workshops and panels. Two presentation rooms, the main hall for presentations and panels and f.a.q.'s and the 'Studio' for workshops and crashcourses.

Dinner is served by Marc Rewinkel (48) and his team, renowned Chef of Tobacco Theatre with experience in multiple Michelin Star restaurants.
Tatiana Moroz launches her new album and releases it on SteemFest.
Steem Dj's will make you move. Request some tracks or chill away in the Studio.
You can continue your conversations and party in nearby clubs, cafe's or maybe at the Moulin Rouge inspired cocktail bar in the SteemFest Hotel? Doka is the name!
We start the day a bit later, so you can fully recover. Hop on the boat at 'Cafe Hesp' for an old fashioned canal tour with audio guide.
The boats drops us off at Old Church Square, here you can pick your activities: Various intimate venues host sessions and enable you to have a lazy sunday coffee. Climb the Church in the attic, visit the weed or sex museum nearby (warning Parental Advisory), drop in at the base TonTon Club arcade hall for a good racer or pinball machine. Or go on a guided tour along the Red Light District in groups of max 15. Be sure to get back to the hotel around 19.00, you can take two stops with the metro.
We'll be closing the weekend with drinks & dinner in the Volkshotel!

- First Names Announced -

Talks & Performances by:

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SteemFest's Volkshotel Package: €285 / 3 nights

The former offices of De Volkskrant newspaper have been given vibrant and stylish new life as an affordable hotel, with a club, restaurant, and even artists-in-residence. The rooms are thoughtfully designed, seeming more spacious than they really are. A rooftop bar-restaurant offers adventurous new-Dutch cuisine.

Go to the Volkshotel website and book your stay by using promocode STMFST16 to be eligible for the discounted price!

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Sleep at SteemFest Volkshotel for € 285 per room (for 3 nights!)
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