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After Amsterdam (2016) and Lisbon (2017), this year's SteemFest will take over Kraków.

Enjoy, meet and learn from fellow Steemians through the conference and social events scattered across several locations in the city home to the Wawel Dragon, a beautiful preserved old-town surrounded by the Wisła river and great hangouts serving the best pierogi.

The full program consists of two conference days, multiple social events, tourist explorations and to top it off a closing dinner on Sunday 11 November.

We've partnered up with two hotels, see below!

Keep in mind that the closing dinner is on the evening of Sunday 11 November, so recommended checkout is on Monday 12 November!

Exchange your SteemFest ticket for your wristband and badge, Kraków map and get all infos from the Firepower crew in the lobby section of the Qubus hotel.

Wander around or take a little boattrip, the city is literally a footstep away and see you at 20:00 / 8PM for opening drinks!

Festival Wristband check-in closes at 22:00 and continues on Thursday 8/11 at the Conference's reception desk.

Tired after your trip? Meeting fellow Steemians will energise you back up!

You can continue to pick up your badge in the lobby until 22:00.

Full day of conference followed by a social event at night. Including lunch, dinner and drinks

Download the mobile app for detailed timetable

Get ready for some pins, spares and strikes

Another day, another venue! Including lunch, dinner and drinks.

Download the mobile app for detailed timetable

Start the weekend with blast! Tonight is party time! A mix of performances by fellow Steem users.

Explore the diversity of Kraków. Old-town is definitely worth paying a visit but also Schindlers Factory which also hosts the Museum of Contemporary Art (Mocak). The nearby saltmines are beautiful too, but don't go there as we visit it on sunday! A hike in a park, or a bikeride along the Wisła river can be on your program. Or decend into the cave, said to host the Wawel Dragon under the Wawel castle! Not for the faint of heart, but definitely demanding your attention is to visit concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and confront yourself with the dark chapter of modern times' history.

Art at SteemFest also runs from 11:00 - 17:00 in Hevre, including some workshops

We've booked 120 tickets and busses to Auschwitz. About 1/3rd of you indicated to take the trip. Be prepared. It is not for the faint of heart and will certainly kill your overall SteemFest vibe. Never forget. (not for children < 13 y/o)

Please read the Visitor Regulations carefully

Bus ride takes about an hour (traffic depending), it will be a guided tour. Consensus depending the duration (3 or 4 hours)

Art at SteemFest opens it's doors until 17:00 for some workshops and ofcourse the works of art on display. At HEVRE in Kazimierz centre.
Wake up on the road to old town with this 1 hour boat trip.

Explore Kraków some more! And.... gather late afternoon at Qubus Hotel for a trip to the saltmines in Wieliczka followed by closing dinner

Busses take us to nearby Wielinczka for a guided tour in the huge and impressive (must visit!) salt-mines and end with a closing dinner

Afterwards a final cooling down in Hotel Qubus, where it all started

Selection of the speakers & performers:

  • llfarms


    @Curie Top Curator, Co-Founder of the Curation Collective (@C-Squared)

  • hansikhouse


    Cofounder of Sndbox + The Creative Crypto Magazine

  • voronoi


    Cofounder of Sndbox + The Creative Crypto Magazine

  • amalinavia


    Artist, urban sketcher and markers guru

  • cryptogee


    Sci-Fi author, entrepreneur, tech geek and motivational speaker

  • brian-rhodes


    Film actor, screenwriter, producer and founder of steem.film

  • teamhumble


    Content creator and Steemhunt moderation team

  • sorin.cristescu


    Blockchain Competence Centre leader at the European Commission

  • apshamilton


    Serial tech entrepreneur, lawyer and public interest advocate

  • steemcafe


    Media consultant & entrepreneur

  • camuel


    Musician, sound engineer, podcaster

  • buttcoins


    Guatemala dweller, hostel owner, improv performer, event manager, slam poet

  • detlev


    CEO, Speaker, consultant, author, traveller, BBQ and #BeerSaturday creator

  • yann0975


    Co-Founder CleanPlanet, liberal nurse

  • french.fyde


    Co-Founder CleanPlanet, crypto-experimentalist

  • fredrikaa


    SteemPress co-founder, economist and entrepreneur

  • bitshares.fdn


    Annemieke Dirkes
    Voted spokesperson for BitShares blockchain

  • xanoxt


    Rudex.org, modern nomad and crypto enthusiast

  • techslut


    CMO of Utopian, blogger, pink wonder

  • elear


    CEO of Utopian, an initiative empowering open source development on the Steem blockchain and beyond

  • hightouch


    Founder of FutureShock and Fundition

  • neopch


    Creator, artist, vlogger, entrepreneur

  • guyfawkes4-20


    Co-founder of @SteemRomania, OCD curator, Sndbox steward

  • alexvan


    Co-Founder of @SteemRomania, business developer, witness

  • arcange


    Entrepreneur, developer, creator of SteemitBoard, SteemSQL and blockchain based applications

  • grampo


    CEO of Waivio, excited about potential of open attention trading

  • prc


    Witness, blockchain developer, cryptocurrency evangelist, voluntaryist & music addict

  • martibis


    Founder of Steemitworldmap and Learntocurie!

  • manncpt


    Communications manager, mentor of the @GlobalSchool

  • gexi


    Project manager, mentor of the @Globalschool

  • vikonomics


    Co-founder, 1Ramp. Building tech for creative communities

  • yidneth


    Priscilla Hernandez: composer, singer, fantasy illustrator, nature lover ...

  • dan-atstarlite


    Vlogger, Founder of Steemit Health - Half of The SteemBirds

  • jaybird


    Music/Food/Photos/Travel/Creative - Half of The SteemBirds

  • katrina-ariel


    Writer, rebel, musician, dragon rider and bright-hearted human

  • greencross


    Record label manager, music producer and DJ

  • edprivat


    Singer, musician, producer, musicoin ambassador and Artzone curator

  • howo


    Software engineer by day, Blockchain developer by night. SteemPress co-founder

  • enginewitty


    Cryptocurrency savage ... because the future is digital

  • project7


    Co-founder and designer of Steemhunt

  • mammasitta


    PR, marketing manager, co-founder & mentor of @globalschool

  • misrori


    IT developer and blockchain enthusiast

  • surfyogi


    Artzone & WAfrica creator, Steem Communities builder, Crypto fan, UI/X veteran

  • lukewearechange


    Founder WeAreChange.org, independent news media

  • ekitcho


    Busy.org Founder and CEO, Next-gen Social Network and Open Platform of Apps

  • ultranihilist


    U°OS and U°Community Product Lead

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